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Every transformers fan knows that the one figure we will probably never get is a G1 Arcee. I wanted to have an Arcee that was G1 Styled, at least semi durable and most of all reproduceable. I plan to make several versions of this toy. Paradron Medic in green and Night Ops in grey for starters.
The original toy is made from styrene sheets purchased off eBay. This was joined with superglue and a two part plastic clay. It was pretty time consuming to design and make these parts and ended up taking about four months. After that I needed to make molds from SRT-30 RTV silicon rubber to reproduce the scratch built parts in urethane resin. I put a number of pieces in each mold because it reduced the amount of silicone needed and hence cost RTV Silicon is about $250 for 5 liters in Australia. I bought the silicone from dalchem , a local supplier.
I used cut off sewing needles for pins in a number of joints. I used 2.6mm model tank screws and nuts for some joints and larger wood screws in places to hold halves together. There are also custom ball joints in the shoulders and neck. The guns are held in their slots by friction. The back back snaps together using rear earth magnets similar to what are used in games workshop style dioramas to hold figures weapons on. I am not happy with the size, it is too big to be posed with classics figures. This is mainly because I find it difficult to work accurately at smaller sizes and also because my resin poring setup is not sophisticated enough to work properly at smaller sizes too many bubbles. I hope to eventually be capable of smaller work but this is just a step in that direction. With the experience I have from this piece I now know that the plasticast resin and the SRT-30 silicon are capable of the fine detail in smaller work but I would need a pressure pot or centrifuge to reduce bubbles.