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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, an unexpectedly enjoyable end to an otherwise crappy toy line and and show!
In 2010 Hasbro began their Hub Network with a new iteration of The Transformers called Transformers Prime. While the show did start with an awesome toy line and an equally fantastic first five episodes, it only degenerated from there. This was a time when the economy was having a heavy impact on what was doable in toys, especially at the low price point Transformers have traditionally sat at.
What grieved fans the most was a perceived bait and switch when Hasbro halted production of the First Edition toys and replaced them with inferior versions.
To compound this somewhat loud outrage, the cartoons second season became a treasure hunt with no long lasting character development. Even huge arcs like the Unicron in Earth or Prime amnesia plot were thrown to the gutter. The end result for me was that I abandoned all things TF Prime and doubled down on third party toys.
Into this mess came the third and final season known as Beast Hunters. Judging by the glut of figures that would not move from shelves a lot of kids felt bad about the toys too. So one day I found that KMart had clearanced Ultimate Beastfire Predaking to $39 down from $99. I chewed on the idea for a while and then bought it. It is a pretty average toy but for that cheap price I was pleasantly surprised.
Based on this I downloaded the season and found it to be really entertaining and a lot better than season two. I then had to buy the other figures. I got this guy, Sharkticon Megatron. I also got Smokecreen, Shockwave, Grimwing, Darksteal, Ultramagnus and Optimus Prime.
So what I want to say is that Beast Hunters turned out OK. It seems like at the end the creative team did not have to drag out the show to just fill episodes so instead they used each episode to it fullest. Characters learned lessons without the reset button being hit each episode. The end was pretty satisfying too, but I will not spoil it here. Out of all the figures Shockwave is the stand out piece. I would feel comfortable putting him in with a more classics oriented collection.
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