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In Japan during the 80s there were a number of toy lines that would later be rolled up into the Transformers. Beetras was one of these. During the past few months I have been selling off a large part of my collection. In doing so it came to my attention that a figure I own from Beetras was not supposed to exist. While I still have it I thought it best to take some pictures for the record.
First off here is the molded on logo. I believe it is the Takatoku Toys logo, they made the other more widely available Beetras figures.
I live in Australia and have been collecting Transformers since the beginning. We had a family friend who had a friend that owned a small toy shop. He asked that person to get the Deluxe Insecticons from Japan. It turned out that what was imported was the Beetras team. They were subsequently given to me and I kept them for the last 25 plus years.
To me they were always just Barrage, Chop Shop, Ransack & Venom. Just in wrong colours lol.