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You are Cogs the robot, sent to the Cyber Planet to retrieve a piece of technology that can win a war. Fight robot enemies and collect what you need to unlock the path ahead. Can you learn how to survive on the Cyber Planet and if you do who will you decide to give the Gestalt Mind technology to in the end?

The game is a multi-layer 2D physics environment. There are many objects that you can interact with and even pick up and use later. Some times you will need to kill an enemy and other times you will need to explore and find items to move ahead.

The game play uses the whole screen as a control surface in combination with hardware buttons. Optionally a screen overlay may be used as a substitute for buttons. In settings the option to use cheats is given for those who just can't help themselves.

Recommended for devices with at least a 1GHz processor and 30Mb available space on the SD card. A small add is shown on the opening screen only.
To get this game go to my page on the Android Market from your phone or browser.