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In December of 2012 Bandai Japan released their ultimate figure, the Soul of Chogokin DX Mazinger Z.

I have never been a fan of Mazinger. I really dont like the anime and the aesthetics of the character design are not my thing. So for me it took more than half a year to decide to actually buy this hugely expensive figure. The set comes with a large hanger containing light effects that also adds a lot to the cost and shipping.
Each time I considered buying this ultimate Chogokin I ended up diverting my funds into things that I know are more to my taste. A good example being the many S.H.Monsterarts I have acquired this year.

No matter how I tried to forget this DX set my daydreams kept coming back to it and the good things I was hearing.
The Mazinger Z figure features a diecast metal skin that can be removed to reveal an intricate internal mechanism. It looks super real and detailed. Most of the panels that come off are heavy in metal content yet are made to a very fine tolerance with exquisite workmanship. It feels as if the creators wanted to prove a point while at the same time set a new high bar in robot design.
It is not until you start comparing this masterpiece to other current figures that you notice just how perfect it is. I recently bought the Miracle Productions Vehicle Voltron, a figure that I like in a lot of ways. But in comparison to MZ this figure looks like a kindergarten student was in charge of the process. There is none of that sloppiness coming from Bandai in this figure.
The hanger turns out to be so versatile that it can be used with almost all your other figures. Most SOC figures can fit in it. Here it is shown doubling as a tower for my King Kong to climb.
Ultimately I made the leap and bought this set because it is more than just another Mazinger toy. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of robot figure. I have a lot, and over the years my appreciation of them has moved from the realms of toy collecting to now viewing them more as their own art form.

I wanted to experience the DX Mazinger Z. I was not sure if I would like it. Because it is the high bar in this generation of figures, I felt I should at least give it a chance. As it turned out DX Mazinger Z has been one of the best items in my collection and stands on its own merit aside from anime or other iterations in the characters history.

Click on the picture below to watch my video review on youTube.