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Space Pirate Cobra is an anime about an intergalactic tough guy part time playboy. The titular hero flies around the galaxy in his pirate space cruiser that has it own built in hottie android - Lady Armaroid.
I have not watched the whole anime but I have enjoyed the movie in both an English dub and the original Japanese subs. There was even a version that featured a soundtrack by the awesome band Yellow from the 80s. Unfortunately I have not been able to get a copy of that version yet.
My first figures from this show are the new Figma toys. So far we have Cobra himself and also Lady. Some time next year we will be getting the Crystal Boy bad guy who has a transparent body with golden internal skeleton. I dont usually buy figmas but for these I made an exception.
While not cheap by any standard these are highly articulated figures with an accurate likeness. The quality of materials is great and the finish is appropriate to each character. Cobra is matte and flesh like while Lady is almost glossy, but not quite so as to make her more photogenic.
Lady Armaroid also comes with a swappable lower body attachment. This can allow her to hit a cartoon accurate sexy crouch.
Cobra comes with a swappable arm attachment, the Psycho Gun. He can channel the energy of his soul through the gun and fire a blast of unimaginable power. Because so few people have this he keeps it hidden. Once the psycho gun is in the open everyone would recognize him as the wanted criminal Cobra. The figure has a third part that emulates his removable arm in the process of coming off.
Cobra has many other lovely ladies in his adventures. Until Figma make them as well he will have to stick to having Friends with Benefits aka Lady Armaroid.
I love these two figures and am now open to the idea of more Figma in my collection. If you have any love for Cobra then it is probably best to get these ASAP because they are bound to get really expensive really quick on the secondary market.
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