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In the Heisei period Godzilla films, Godzilla faces many fearsome opponents. Perhaps the most fierce of these bad guys is the monster known as Destroyah ( going sometimes by the name Destoroyah or Destroyer ).
Click image to watch video.
The most recent release in the S.H.Monsterarts line of high end Japanese kaiju figures is Detroyah. He is a work of art like the figures before him that puts all previous version of the character to shame. While being big and heavy like King Ghidorah, Destroyah is also much more durable. The weight on this figure is substantial and no detail has been omitted.
When displayed with the Burning Godzilla figure, Destroyah instantly gains so much more personality. These guys are perfectly designed to be together and have enough poseability to make for a great display.
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Project Genesis.

By the new 3rd party group Planet X
I had never heard the name Planet X before a few months ago except in the rantings Nibiru theorists on YouTube. Then out of seemingly no where Planet X announced one of the most ambitious 3rd party Transformers ever conceived of. They intended to produce a supreme size 40cm Omega Supreme in the style of the video game Transformers War for Cybertron.
Any Transformers fan these days is aware of the huge surge in 3rd party products.... and their huge price. So I had expected a price tag of $500 plus on this bad boy. I was surprised to learn that preorders were going up for $299 at places like RobotKindom or $350 at CapturedPrey two of the well known online toy shops.
The game featured a pretty detailed model of the Omega Supreme character and although it was far from the G1 aesthetic it still had its charms. In this incarnation Omega turns into a space cruiser and to be honest I found the way it looked to be a bit off putting. In the above pictures you can see the way I prefer to transform it with the cannon in the front of the ship as opposed to at the sides. In this mode Genesis looks fantastic with the Fansproject Assaulter figure, both being space ships of one kind or another.
The build quality on Genesis is extremely high. I had no QC issues with this figure. All the plastic is dense and heavy as opposed to the light weight knock off quality plastic that Hasbro currently use on official Transformers toys. The joints have heavy duty ratchets that have no trouble at all in holding the 3kg weight of this massive figure. My only misgiving with these ratchets is that they use the flexing plastic mechanism to provide their force. I would have preferred it if the joints were made with springs like in the YOTS Omega Supreme toy from Hasbro. But that is the only place where this figure suffers in any way.
Genesis has HUGE arms. This is accurate to the game design but can provide some posing difficulty. Luckily the figure is capable of achiving a good pose with the use of the high degree of flexibility in the design. Still, there can be times when one arm will need to be used as a counter weight to the other if the arm is to be posed in an out streched position.
The picture on the right shows how even one legged poses are possible. I have used some Mazer Tanks from Godzilla for scale. Also look at the gun turrets on Genesis shoulder weapons platform and waist. They are an innovative design never used before to my knowledge. The turrets are on ball joints that can be flipped backwards to hide them when you do not want them deployed. There are eight turrets in total.
Genesis is one of the best Transformers I own, official or otherwise. It is definitely worth the price although that price is hard to bare. Check out my video below for an in depth 45 minute look at this milestone in Transformers toys.
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My Fansproject Warbot 03 Assaulter finally came in. I had previously missed out on Warbot 02 Steelcore so it is a relief to be back on track with Fansproject figures. My next piece, Chromedome is on the way.
Assaulter is a 3rd part update to what G1 Broadside would look like. This figure particularly interests me because one of the alt modes is a space craft carrier akin to the likes of the SDF1 from Macross. The picture above shows some of the small figures included as a scale hint.
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Godzilla. Until recently the idea of Godzilla seemed childish and a bit stupid to me. I had always been aware of the existence of the Japanese movies but had never given them a chance. Then in a bout of boredom I decide to give the franchise a go.

It turns out that I love Godzilla and each era has its charms. The Showa period is funny and enjoyable to watch with my youngest child. The Heisei period is a bunch of pretty good movies all be it with some clunky effects by todays standards. Finally the Millennium period has some great movies that look fantastic and stand up to anything Hollywood has to offer in terms of enjoyment.
My favourite Godzilla figure so far is this 12 inch X Plus from the movie Godzilla vs Mothra in 1992.
The toys from Godzilla range in price from the dirt cheap all the way up to super expensive. I plan to build up a respectable collection.
Here is a gallery of some of the Kaiju I have managed to snag since my enlightenment. I have chosen to start with the figures I like best and are also getting old, and harder to find. The second phase will be S.H.MonsterArts and some of the discontinued Revoltech kaiju.
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While playing with my Daughter I got a chance to make this Lego star fighter.
The parts come from mainly two kinds of lego. Most of the white pieces are from the space police range from a few years back. Most of the grey parts are from various lego Star Wars sets. The boosters at the back are from power miners.

I am not the biggest lego builder out there but my Daughter and I have this agreement that sometimes while she builds little houses I will work on my stuff. As long as she does not smash my in progress stuff to bits I will come back another time to play. Previous adventures included a Hoff bunker covered in snow, other ships and a clone troop power suit.