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Patlabor is both old and new at the same time. A show that has been delighting me since the 90s that I have only just now completed.
One of my first acts after moving into my own unit about 20 years ago was to go and buy Patlabor the movie on VHS cassette. I watched that thing many times, always enjoying it. Back then the idea of a semi giant human controlled robot seemed new and cutting edge to me. This was before I was aware of the whole spectrum of Japanese robots and super robots.
Looking back at the show now it seems much less plausible. As an adult I can find many better solutions to problems than hitting them with a police robot.
What gets me going about the show today is the character driven story lines. In many ways the TV show and then even more so the OVA series is not about the mecha at all. Patlabor is more about a girl Izumi and here journey to be able to act apart from fear in the wide world. Other characters like Captain Goto also intrigue me but get less treatment than I would like.
Sadly the show did not last as long as I wanted, so I had to looks to toys to fill my sadness. To that end I have bought these great diescast figures from CMs Corporation. Part of the Brave Gokin line of metal figures.
They are both nice and heavy with internal metal skeletons and diescat panels all over the place. The first is the AV98 Ingram, specifically the design used in the OVA. It can have its shoulder swapped out to use a normal TV series style piece.
The second is the Griffon. Shown in both the TV series and the OVA series, it look wicked. The Griffon is one of the ultimate incarnations of the black badass robot from anime. While not entirely practical it looks fantastic. Its cool stylings do get in the way of its own articulation quite a bit though.
CMs do make a range of other Patlabor figures but sadly they all suck in comparison to these. The others are mainly plastic and of much lowere quality. As a rule with CMs and Patlabor, only buy the diecast versions. Revoltech also make a range of plastic figures that I do not want. There is an ultimate version of the AV98 Ingram made by the former Yamato but unless you have a hue wallet dont even bother. I am too late to the game for the Yamato unless there is a new release, and that is not likely because Yamato when belly up.
To see my video reviews of these figures on youTube click below:
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