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Why have a page on my site devoted to programming? The truth is that I have spend thousands of hours in my life coding. Normally I have not done this for remuneration but instead to get a job done. I often encounter situations where I need something to work and no one else has done it so pumping out some code seems like a good idea.

The sad truth is that those thousands of hours have been largely wasted. Will anyone care that back in windows mobile I wrote from scratch a class to decompress and then animate an animated gif, using nothing but the English language specification. NO, no one will care.

Will anyone care that I wrote a GSM based cell phone end to end encryption package to transfer encrypted voice calls over a CSD line? NO, no one will care because now we have better alternatives.

The point is, I have learned that one person can not keep up a coding pace high enough to make projects that the wider world wants. This does not stop me, I just find it annoying. I have placed my greatest art on the android Play store, now for free for anyone to enjoy as a testament to those wasted hours. My game Robot Planet ( formally called CyberInfiltration ) is a testament to 18 months of gruelling work in both java for android and graphic design. I hope someone likes it.... Download the app below

I have been weighing up whether to publish some raw code here. On the one hand it would give me some more Google juice but on the other hand code is a deeply personal art for me. In time I may post links to working code here.

By viewing this site you are in fact experiencing my code. This site is based of a small content management system I have written in PHP. My back end lets me dynamically generate content in a graphical editor which then get magically turned into php pages that in turn dynamically generate html and javascript pages for the end user. I hope your experience of this site is OK.

You can find my screen shots here

You can find it for free on the market here