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Rewiring Robosapien V2
I bought RSV2 back in I think 2005. I had previously had an RSV1 and saw this as a huge upgrade. At the time I thought it was fun and the future looked promising for bigger and better robots. The sad fact is that since 2007 the world has turned to shit and there is just no progress in personal robots of this nature. Toys in general have become of near rubbish quality so I have learned to appreciate what I have more.
I put some batteries in Robosapien and smoke started to poor out. The batteries got really hot and I thought it would soon catch fire. I opened him up to see what the problem was and there were dozens of wire almost totally stripped of insulation. Actually 25 wires to be precise. There were still a lot of good wires but the bad ones had become brittle and crubled in my fingers. This was causing short circuits all over.
The faulty wires were isolated to all the wires running through the bundles leading down through the legs. No other wires are brittle. Considering the otherwise high production value of the toy this was crazy for Wowwee to let pass. A quick google and YouTube reviled that most RSV2s are having the same fire hazard wiring.
I bought a few things. Mainly some hookup wire from Jcar electronics. A soldering iron and multi meter, both dirt cheap. Heat shrink and a two screw drivers.
I cut the original wire one at a time, pulling each wire out from the tight leg space. I then reconnected the old wire on the outside of the leg as a place holder until it could be replaced. This saved me from needing to label my new wires because I could instead just follow the old wire to see where it terminated. I use all red wires for the new bundles. To help me locate the matching ends I used the multimeter with its continuity setting. I soldered each new wire to the stub of the removed damaged wire. Each stub was then insulated with heatshrink.
It is important to shield the electronics before using the burner to heat the heatshrink. The last thing I wanted to do is cause irreparable damage to one of the boards.
Just one second is needed to do the shrinking. The heat shrink I used was 2 to 1 so it ended up with half the diameter.
Finally I used a bit of liquid nails to hold all the wires still in case of wiggle while in use.
The final result was a surprising success. The robot gained full functionality and I was able to get it all together without any ugly wires hanging out. There is still a short somewhere because occasionally RS will say he has a bad motivator or user error on startup. Normally waiting a few seconds will clear it up. I suspect the problem is in the cable that connects the hands with the neck, it is a wire with an actuator at the end. Because it does not cause much problem I just ignore it for now.
Please visit my youTube channel and watch the video here
Because buying a new robot seemed impossible I decided there was nothing to loose if I tried to repair Robosapien myself.