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This is a clay sculpture of a VT1D from Macross. I sculpted this in around 1994, back then clay was one of the only media available to me. I was striving for accurate proportions but unfortunately the end result has legs that are too short. I have tried to pose the statue in a way the hides this lack of proportion. The base is made from ice cream sticks glued together with PVA glue and covered with a cut out layer of cardboard. The paints are a mixture of any old thing I could find with the base colour being primarily an anit rust spray paint. At later times I have gone back and added more details in paint. The statue has been broken many times over the years and now has too many glued together pieces. I also went back and added details such as wires for exposed battle damage and paper vents and bends where bullet holes are. I think this was the high point of my work in clay and from here on I moved to other media.

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