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This is a papercraft YF19 from Macross Plus. This represented a major shift in media for me. Previously I had exclusively worked in clay for my figure designs. Now because I my new living space I could not have access to a kiln or be able to make mess with clay. I decided to make something from whatever materials I could buy from my local shopping centre. I grabbed cardboard, paper, bottle tops, match sticks, plastic bottles, cigarette packets, staples and a bunch of other odds and ends. Then I scanned some cross section images from a manga that my sister had brought back from Japan and printed them out as a template. Using this template I glued it to very thick card and cut cross sections out. I clued together all the cross sections until I had the skeleton of the YF19. Over this skeleton I glues thin sheets of card and paper forming a rough skin. I then painted thick lacquer over and when dry sanded it almost off. Repeating this process many times averaged out the surface forming the smooth line you see in the picture. Finally I stuck all the individual parts together and formed details from the junk I had collected. The canopy is part of a coke bottle held on with sewing pins. It is pained with tamiya acrylics and house hold spray paint, I know that does not make sense. As I said it is made from junk.

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